Tate Britain

Eva Rothschild

30 Jun - 28 Nov 2009

Eva Rothschild, installation view at Tate Britain, 2009 © Tate
For the latest in the celebrated Duveens Commission series, which has recently included Mark Wallinger and Martin Creed, Eva Rothschild has conceived a new ambitious sculpture for the galleries that lie at the heart of Tate Britain. This is the first time a single work has been designed to stretch nearly the full length of the space, over 70 metres. Using minimal materiality, the work fills and disrupts the grandeur of these neoclassical galleries with a chaotic, energetic presence.

One of the most interesting artists of her generation, Rothschild makes striking objects which continually investigate new relationships between volume and mass, surface and structure. Born in Dublin in 1971, Rothschild lives and works in London.

Tags: Martin Creed, Eva Rothschild, Mark Wallinger