Tate Britain

Vanilla and Concrete

09 Nov 2015 - 19 Jun 2016

© Rallou Panagiotou
My Toe 2010
white marble, lacquered wood
75 x 50 x 5.5 cm
9 November 2015 – 19 June 2016

As part of the Art Now series, Vanilla and Concrete presents new and recent work by emerging artists Marie Lund, Rallou Panagiotou and Mary Ramsden who use painting and sculpture to give new meanings to the everyday.
Marie Lund’s sculptures are inspired by the human impact on common spaces and objects, changing the way in which they are perceived.

Rallou Panagiotou takes interest in life’s non-essential ‘luxury’ items, from make-up and jewellery to a cocktail straw. Considering these objects as artificial extensions of the human body, Panagiotou investigates how they define and express the individual within a wider cultural context.

Mary Ramsden’s paintings hint to the smudges on digital touch-screens. Displaying her works both individually and in groups to emulate multiple windows opened on a computer screen, Ramsden explores how painting operates in today’s digital world.

Tags: Marie Lund, Rallou Panagiotou, Mary Ramsden