Tate Modern

Simryn Gill

16 Mar - 07 May 2006

Level 2 Gallery: Simryn Gill
16 March – 7 May 2006

Gill’s work questions the coherence of systems that humans create to ‘know’ the world around them. Working with a myriad of materials, including books, plant materials, photographs and other found objects, she encourages the viewer to reject a rigid classification of their surroundings in favour of arrangements which offer uncertainty, disturbance and new possibilities.

For the Level 2 Gallery, Gill has created a thought-provoking installation from a collection of books assembled over many years. Ranging from pulp fiction to academic writings, these publications provide the raw material which Gill then uses to tease out a supposedly ‘neutral’ set of words.

© Simryn Gill
Untitled (detail: The Asian Highway: A complete Overland Guide from Australia to Europe, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1979) 2006
Photo: Jenni Carter

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