Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol


23 Aug - 10 Nov 2019

©Visual ecocinema
In this moment of planetary crisis, how can we mobilize a joyful, responsive way of interacting with the planet? How can we engender non-anthropocentric ecologics where we no longer think in terms of personal rights or fair exchange but rather of mutual care and empathy, in order to contribute to the benefit of all beings? Would it be possible to move on (while at the same time going back) to concepts that might guide us to act kindly towards and in resonance with planetary needs? What if we were to think of ourselves as in a continuum with the non-human and non-animal, in an affirmative, perhaps even libidinal, relation? Could we free ourselves from the idea that we must renounce something and instead experience the pleasure of living in affinity with others – plants, animals and minerals alike? The ecocinema features moving image essays and propositions that sketch out the passionate entanglements of an ecoconspiracy.

Curated by Nina Tabassomi