Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol

Maryam Jafri___Roads to Serfdom, Repaved

09 Feb - 12 May 2019

The works by Maryam Jafri activate social, economic and political documents with the knowledge of artistic forms. Whether Jafri’s research is focused on Detroit techno, the commercial exploitation of a stock photo depicting one of Jafri’s sculptures by Getty Images, archive photographs documenting the transition from colonial status to national independence, household items withdrawn from the market due to defects or insufficient demand, or wellness and BDSM practices, her strategy of appropriation and analysis remains consistent: Maryam Jafri dissects the complexes that structure society with a decidedly artistic eye for gestures, aesthetics and framing. Thus her sculptures, installations, films and photographs inevitably generate disturbing ambiguities and unwanted connections.

Among other works, Jafri’s first institutional solo exhibition in Austria and her most comprehensive show to date will feature the installation entitled Model 500 (created specifically for the TAXISPALAIS) and a new video, Mariam Jafri vs. Maryam Jafri (produced in cooperation with the Contemporary Art Gallery of Vancouver).

Curated by Nina Tabassomi