The Approach

Jack Lavender, Oliver Osborne, Marco Palmieri

29 Jun - 05 Aug 2012

Installation View at The Approach, 2012
29 June – 5 August 2012

This exhibition focuses on the work of three London based artists: Jack Lavender, Oliver Osborne and Marco Palmieri. All three take on classical concerns of the visual languages of abstraction, figuration and collage, each with their distinct vernacular. In different ways they adopt and reconfigure imagery and objects from the available over-saturated consumer image bank around them and use this to their own ends and desires, cross pollinating a wide range of sources. The three share a conceptual rigour of knowing the history of the formal languages of painting and sculpture and a lightness of touch in the way they navigate this territory.
Jack Lavender draws from a world of mass-produced objects, transforming their singular banality through their composition within such structures as grids and metal armatures. Sitting between the disciplines of painting, sculpture and collage, Lavender brings different elements together to create a new entity. Objects that would normally be the detritus of our lives are paired with high quality application and construction, retaining a bittersweet trace of their low origins, and re-imagined for their formal qualities within Lavender’s growing aesthetic lexicon.
In Oliver Osborne’s paintings, he explores the traditional remits of the discipline and takes up different positions within this. He employs straightforward modes in a clear, precise and paired back way, with the interruption of a third element of a cartoon transposed onto the surface of the painting, puncturing their formality. The cartoon, sourced from a German language textbook, is a sign for clarity and legibility, delivering its point in a second. In combination these actions or mechanisms grow more complicated and problematic and make investigating the orthodoxy of visual communication Osborne’s subject.
Marco Palmieri employs an iconography of refined leisure, echoing a bygone era, which he pares back to minimal gestural lines in order to evoke an image of a distinct sensibility; images are placed together in elegant arrangements, which float through the work like quickly sketched illustrations. With imagery both familiar from mass media and classical art history, Palmieri keenly activates the economy of the line and its means to communicate. Motifs printed on creased paper sheets imitate the delicate folds of a newspaper; elsewhere the easily recognisable icon of a classical head appears inverted and doubled, an image endlessly multiplying through time. Palmieri plays with the familiarity and ambiguity of his images on the canvas or page and what happens through their re-iteration.
Oliver Osborne (b. 1985, Edinburgh), lives and works in London. Recent Exhibitions include: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2012, Liverpool Biennial and ICA, London, forthcoming 2012; The Response, The Sunday Painter, London, 2012; Painting, is a painting, is a painting, Cul de Sac, London, 2012; The Call (FCO-CLJ-LTN), Peles Empire, Cluj-Napoca, 2011; Off-Site, 19 Great Sutton Street, London, 2011; Karl Orton, Oliver Osborne, Tomas Downes, Galerie Eva Winkeler, Köln, 2011; Buy a good bed and good shoes, if you are not in one you are in the other, Peles Empire, London (solo), 2010; Men, Orton NL, Rotterdam, 2010 ; Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2010; Lucky PDF Lightbox @ Bold Tendencies III, Peckham, London, 2009.
Marco Palmieri (b. 1984, USA), lives and works in London and Rome. Solo Exhibitions: Weekend, Margini Arte Contemporanea, Italy, 2012. Group Exhibitions: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011, ICA, London; The Call (FCO CLJLTN), Peles Empire, Cluj-Napoca, 2011; Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011, S1 Gallery, Sheffield; Degree Show 2011, Royal Academy Schools, London; The Private Life of Plants, Peles Empire, London; Chubby, Royal College of Art, London; Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2010; Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009, Rochelle School, London; Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009, A Foundation, Manchester; Some Things Need to Die in Order to be Reborn, NANS Gallery, Minnis Bay, 2009.
Jack Lavender (b. 1983, UK), lives and works in London. Recent Solo Shows: Smok Gang, And/Or Gallery, London, 2010; Now 25, NANS Gallery, Canterbury, 2008; Weekend Work, NANS Gallery, Minnis Bay, 2008; Magic Sausage, UCA Project Space Canterbury, 2007. Recent Group Shows: Degree Show, RCA, London, 2012; Heat, Twelve aroundone gallery, London; ESL, Cass Gallery, London, 2012; Smoke, 15 Howie St, London, 2012. Lovely summer group show, RCA, London 2012; Know How, Cambell Works Chubby Group show, 15 Howie St London, 2011; Know How, Cambell Works, 2011; Chubby Group show, 15 Howie St London, 2011; Pale Blue Dot, Woodmill London; Head, The Approach, London 2011; Some things need to die to be reborn, NANS Gallery, Minnis Bay, 2009.

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