Thomas Brambilla

Funzione Continua

11 Oct - 19 Dec 2014

Domenico Bianchi
Raoul De Keyser
Carlos Garaicoa
Ron Gorchov
Corinna Gosmaro
Alessia Xausa
11 October – 19 December 2014

Thomas Brambilla Gallery is proud to announce on Saturday 11th October 2014 the opening of the group show Funzione Continua (Continuos Function).
Connection, limit, continuity and compactness, are terms that are well suited to the works of Domenico Bianchi, Dadamaino, Raoul De Keyser, Carlos Garaicoa, Ron Gorchov, Corinna Gosmaro, Alessia Xausa.
Artists of different ages and formation create works that seem to be the solution to topological problems, just because in Topology, the most innovative part of Mathematics, shapes and objects are no longer defined by their exact form, but rather "by the way in which they are connected". Topology derives from the Greek τόπος, tópos, meaning "place", combined with λόγος, lógos, "study" and it is essentially based on the concepts of topological space, continuous function and homeomorphism. Intuitively we can say that a function is continuous if we can draw it without removing the pen from the paper.
Organic waxes of Domenico Bianchi hold and support trajectories that move continuously in space, and the holes of Dadamaino become a topological place where the "holes" of the sense and impasse of the language, typical issues of the Sixties, have now become a topological organization of the space that produces the sense of limit in continuity.
With Raoul De Keyser, lines and rounded shapes define spaces creating at the same time boundaries and horizons, cells and microcosms. In the works of Ron Gorchov, space is not just a surface holding forms, but an example of connection and compactness, enhanced by biographical brush strokes.
Biographical experience can be found in Carlos Garaicoa, who focuses his attention on "places" – both utopian and real - representing cities that become spaces of perception and projection of the mind, and in the works of Corinna Gosmaro too, in which the artist represent a time of "non-reality" where personal experiences are reprocessed and tranferred.
The work of Alessia Xausa focuses on the composition and continuous transformation of matter through time, sedimentation and metamorphosis of surfaces and colors.

Tags: Domenico Bianchi, Dadamaino, Carlos Garaicoa, Ron Gorchov, Raoul De Keyser