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Henk Visch

21 Oct - 04 Dec 2010

© Henk Visch
Lonely feelings on landing II, 2010
aluminium - edition of 4

October 21 - December 4, 2010

Those who do nót go to the park at night ...

First there are images, then follow the words. Some speakers, those who do not go to the park at night, find something of importance, ahoy, land-ho, the word is mighty and delightful as the sea, let us drink to the meanings, these good causes keeping illusions afloat. Time is in abundance, order originates by itself and therefore rank. First the embalmed body, then the stray dogs, then the smile of an older woman, then all the hidden gold, then all things painted with a small brush, then the cats with their yellow eyes and not to forget the people who from a distance look like flies. My work remotely resembles a girl in a shopping street. But most of all they remotely resemble a man looking for his keys and dreaming of a sailing boat.

Henk Visch, September 2010

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