Wilma Tolksdorf


10 Sep - 29 Oct 2016

Alisa Margolis, I like you, 2016, Oil and resin on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Courtesy GALERIE WILMA TOLKSDORF | © Alisa Margolis
Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf presents the fourth solo show with recent works by Alisa Margolis.

The title of the exhibition – SORRY SUPERHERO – is an ironic allusion to the heroic and in its association it can be understood as a denial of the macho poses. The same unprejudiced way articulated by this statement can be found in the works by Alisa Margolis.

Alisa Margolis' visual world is foremost influenced by Dutch still lifes and by the opulent light of Baroque painting. Her work is informed by the idea of dualism: through juxtapositions, contradictions, and symbiotic dialogues of colours and shapes, Alisa Margolis creates large worlds of tension that are full of the eruptive power of shapes and transcendent spectacles of light. Light is here used to signify the poetic power of the source, and is the real beginning of a painting.

In her former works Margolis has combined images and choreographies of rock concerts and special effects used in horror movies with the dramaturgy of the baroque light. Her recent works implement new artistic strategies - for the first time Alisa Margolis unifies graphic elements with her opulent patterns and uses the possibility of the pictorial framing in order to divide the work from the outer reality. As in the work “I like you” the framing which traditionally points toward the flatness of a painting is at the same time refracted. Beyond the framing the flowers protrude the borders of the painting – in this sense SORRY SUPERHERO could also be read as an ironic allusion to the image itself.

Alisa Margolis (*1975, American, born in Kiev) lives and works in Berlin. Her works were internationally exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, London, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Renaissance Society, Chicago and 2nd Prague Biennial among others. She was awarded numerous prizes such as The Villa Romana Fellowship (2015), Scholarship of the Akademie Schloss Solitude (2009/2010), Delfina Studio Trust Artist Residency (2005/2006), de Ateliers Scholarship in Amsterdam (2001/2003).

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