Wilma Tolksdorf

Matthias Meyer

01 Sep - 10 Nov 2012

Matthias Meyer, Blaues Wasser 3, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 180 cm
Matthias Meyer, Big Cypress Swamp, Oil on Canvas, 140x220cm
Matthias Meyer, Black Painting, Oil on Canvas, 200x210cm
Matthias Meyer, Big Lake, Oil on Canvas, 290x300cm
Matthias Mayer, Gunma, Oil on Canvas, 150x160cm
Matthias Meyer, Water Painting, Oil on Canvas, 110x140cm
1 September - 10 November 2012

On the occasion of the Gallery Weekend in Frankfurt/Main Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf is pleased to present the first solo show by Matthias Meyer. Being one of the former master students under Prof. Gerhard Richter and a student under Prof. Dieter Krieg Matthias Meyer today marks a distinguished artistic position within the medium of the contemporary painting. Works of the artist are part of major international art collections and are exhibited worldwide.

For the comprehension and the impression of the works the leitmotif of fuzziness and blurring is essential – this topos may be found in the particular technique as well as in the painted subjects itself. Having a photograph as a starting point Matthias Meyer makes a first acrylic sketch which already represents the first abstracted level of the latter painting. The artist uses diluted oil paint and dissolvers which leave drop-like traces and trenches while running down the canvas. The colours are applied wet-in-wet onto the underground - this technique requires a rapid workflow. Layer over layer are dousing the actual motif under a moving water surface and in the end the subject itself can be recognized only apparitional in the flooded image space.

In the first instance Matthias Meyer is a painter of cities and landscapes - but instead of having bias for motives like “city”, “forest”, “water” he is more interested in dynamic structures and exceptional perspectives which unhinge the point of view of the beholder. "In the Water Paintings in particular, removing and then overpainting realistic pictorial space several times over gave rise to surfaces which seem to afford us a glimpse into the unending deeps." (Matthias Meyer)

Only seldom human figures appear in the works of Matthias Meyer. In cases where they emerge they become part of the flow constituting the painting. Figure and form become the immanent elements which dissolves composition of the image as a whole.

By using oil paint as if it were watercolor, by overlaying and obliterations a veil is laid over the original motif. Though the sinking of the motif does not cause his loss in the depth of the colors, but develops unexpected view points which deploy manifold associations of the viewer. Similar to a memory which covers past events the paintings of Matthias Meyer are located between the beholder and the painted subject.

Tags: Dieter Krieg, Matthias Meyer, Gerhard Richter