Tomio Koyama

Daisuke Fukunaga

05 - 26 Apr 2008

© Daisuke Fukunaga, 2008
"Local Emotion"

Daisuke Fukunaga paints the most ragged scenes that are taken for granted, though our daily lives are surrounded by them.
Places that are mundane, never a ruin with history, where no one would ever think, or try to know, its chronicle. And there, in a space completely detached from the rest of the world, lie objects also neglected by all, since who knows when. Worn-out mops and coiled up hose squirm on the ground as if they are alive. They, who seem to ponder over the odd and undecomposable, make us wonder if they are aliens from another planet settled on earth, though they are very common objects.
This time, seven to eight new paintings will be shown. The title “Local Emotion” according to the artist means a picture of clustered objects that seem to have emotions and characters placed in a seemingly dilapidated place (=local).
Fukunaga who has been painting mysterious spaces that are like dead end, says that useless objects abandoned in no where inspires him. The mops standing against the wall like people flocking together and the old playground equipment thrown out in the gym seem to breath, quietly but with toughness, as if to deny our sentiment of any kind, with emotions that can not be named.

Daisuke Fukunaga was born in Tokyo in 1981. He graduated from Tama Art University majoring in oil painting in 2004. He works and lives in Kanagawa.
Fukunaga was spotted and recruited in GEISAI #9 in 2006 rewarded by his first solo show with Tomio Koyama Gallery, and this is the second solo show. Fukunaga is also participating in a group show “AFTER THE REALITY 2 curated by hiromiyoshii” at Deitch Projects in New York, shown until May 3.

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