Tomio Koyama


11 Apr - 09 May 2009

© Exhibition view

Since 1993, gelitin, a Vienna based artist group, has been creating sensational and thought-provoking interactive projects. "deas are born from boredom," their works always have a lively sense of childlike humor. What is behind, however, is the hard work of finding out how they want to live and be lived. Their work is often reconstructed with daily, ordinary materials, and presented to viewers with mysterious and bizarre beauty.
In La Louvre Paris exhibition last year, they got inspired by Muse'e du Louvre and its collection, while at the same time paying homage to it. Ancient columns became toilet paper. Archeological relics were turned into cheese and caramels. The anti-hierarchy spirit that endorsed Dadaism has been passed on ceaselessly in gelitin's anarchist passion to reinterpret the structure of society, politics, and sex. Their works make us realize the importance of pursuing ultimately free expression and not forgetting the pleasure of pleasure.

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