Tomio Koyama

Tom Sachs

20 Feb - 04 Mar 2013

Store ©Tom Sachs Photo by Yasushi Ichikawa
20 February - 4 March 2013

Tom Sachs was born in 1966 in New York. His major shows include the solo exhibition at Foundazione Prada in Milan in 2006 and "SPACE PROGRAM: MARS" at Park Avenue Armory in New York in 2012. His works are, so to say, "handmade readymades". A mixture of "symbols" such as sacredness and secularity, and fancy and violent things shown in works of a toilet bowl with Prada logos, a McDonald's value meal in Hermés wrapping paper, and Hello Kitty sitting neatly as the Virgin Mary or bambino (Jesus as a boy) in presepio (Nativity Scene) attract us with the intentional naive detail. "STORE" showcased in this exhibition is the trunk that contains Tom Sach's recent edition works. Works including three-dimentional works such as "Kelly Bag" and "American Tool Kit", products and catalogues will be on view. Please enjoy the ironically humorous world of his creative expression.

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