Susan Hefuna

02 - 30 Dec 2007

"Knowledge is sweeter than honey"
Drawing - Installation - Sculpture

Opening: Sunday, Dec 2, 2007, 7 pm
Dates: Dec 2 – Dec 30 2007

"Knowledge is sweeter than honey" is Susan Hefuna's latest project, which reflects her personal experience of life in two cultures. In her installations and images, Hefuna superimposes visual layers and weaves them to a depth that has limitless meanings - some direct and some elusive.
Hefuna ́s drawings and fragile objects transcend labels, with open-ended messages, overcoming boundaries by directly addressing questions of belonging and representation in a local cultural context. Through her own act of framing, Hefuna turns the notion of the picturesque and the exotic on its head.
In the lane in front of the gallery, Susan Hefuna is showing her Vitrines of Afaf, which are object installations of the everyday intimate belongings of Cairenes. Using the format of the traditional "vitrine", that can be seen all over the city, the artist collects and reveals the dreams and fantasies of all these people.
The third part of the exhibition comprises of a series of large wooden Mashrabiya screens, into which Hefuna has woven sayings of wisdom, such as "Knowledge is Sweeter than Honey", or simple words that carry strong personal statements. Susan Hefuna constantly returns to the theme of the mashrabiya, the gridded windows of ancient Islamic architecture that protected women from public view whilst allowing them to see the outside world. The mashrabiya acts as a symbol of Hefuna's own in-between place.
The Mashrabiyas will be on display in the Factory Space starting from Sunday 16 December to Sunday 30 December 2007.In addition to the exhibition, we are pleased to announce the limited edition publication of “Hans Ulrich Obrist interview with Susan Hefuna”, available at the Townhouse bookshop.

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