KATRINA PALMER presents dubious objects and made-up texts, readings and performances

06 Nov - 10 Dec 2011


Claire Makhlouf Carter generates performances that take place within art openings, artist talks and galleries. Sometimes Berber Carpet is rolled out as if a stage and subsequently unpicked by a team of carpet pickers. Carter has hired other temporary workers as part of her performances including a sniffer dog, two mercenaries, a make-up artist cum cloakroom attendant, a psychiatric nurse and a tombola man. Carter’s recently shown work includes DEMO WALWORTH ROAD The Hole London; DAY TRIP TO St LEONARDS-ON-SEA The Lido St Leonards- on-Sea and Art Monthly; Performance Nights at The Barbican Gallery London; Seven Day Weekend, Beaux Arts de Paris and Sinpodium The Museum of English Rural Life. Carter’s performances in art school seminar rooms include the Royal College of Art, Kingston University and Chelsea School of Art.

Stewart Home has been a cultural activist since the late-1970s – starting with punk bands and fanzines and moving on to gallery exhibitions, live art and commercial publication in the 1980s and beyond. He is the author of thirteen published novels, one collection of short stories, six works of non-fiction and the editor of various anthologies. His most recent solo exhibition was Again A Time Machine at White Columns in New York (October/November 2011). His last novel was Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie (Book Works, London 2010).

Invariably Jefford Horrigan makes performances with furniture, lamps and other household objects. Moving and placing them until they become a different entity, half dreamt and half observed, often devoid of common sense but answerable to its own intrinsic logic. Most recent performances, installations, exhibitions and screenings include Out of the Corner of The Eye at the James Taylor Gallery London, Makura at White Deer Projects London and The Table for Portrait of Space at Clonlea Studios, Dublin in 2011. Forrella (Rella - Michael Curran/ Lucy Gunning) at Beaconsfield, London, La Folia for Preludes and Nocturnes (Laura Wilson) New Dalston Library London in 2010 and The Dissolve for the Clockwork Gallery Berlin and THE DRESSER (Talk Show/ Speakeasy) Institute of Contemporary Art London in 2009. The Four Stages of Cruelty Tate Britain London and Past Lives (Body Parts III) Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh 2007.

Katrina Palmer is an artist and writer. Palmer’s texts feature objects in the imagination and amidst the paranoia and the social/sexual dynamics of art and its spaces. Ordinary things appear alongside discourse and sculpture (the subject in language and the object in action). The work is disseminated through publications, performances and readings. Her book, The Dark Object was published by Book Works 2010. Other work includes: mmmm a CD at Art House Foundation, London 2011; Relief in the Modern British Sculpture catalogue, Royal Academy, London 2011. Live readings include: Head in 3 parts at Hole, London 2011; Under The Desk at Again A Time Machine, Motto, Berlin 2011; Tutorial at These Silences Writing Festival, Summerhall, Edinburgh 2011; Chair-Bed at Volatile Dispersal: Festival of Art Writing, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2009.

Francesco Pedraglio is an artist, writer and co-founder of FormContent project space. Through short-stories, performances and installations, his work reflects on the mechanics of storytelling. Writing directly in a foreign language, he focuses on straight narratives facing the problematic of ‘making sense’ while delivering a story to an audience. He has been performing a.o. at Auto Italia South East, The National Portrait Gallery, ICA, Wysing Arts Centre, Hollybush Gardens. Next to FormContent's activity, he has been curating numerous exhibitions a.o. 'Session_15' (BolteLang, Zurich) 'The Responsive Subject' (Mu.Zee, Ostend), 'Through Body and Text' (La Galerie, Paris) and 'The Young People...' (GAM, Turin). He is editor of the fanzine 'The Mock and other superstitions' and Book Works guest-editor with the project Time Machine.

Tags: Lucy Gunning, Francesco Pedraglio, Al Taylor