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10 Nov - 15 Dec 2013

Exhibition view
Exhibition view
10 November – 15 December 2013

Curator: Peter Weiermair

The Drawingroom exhibition at the Ursula Blickle Foundation, curated by Peter Weiermair, show cases fifteen international artists from differing generations. Originally, the term Drawingroom ha nothing to do with drawing, but rather describes a room in a house where visitors can be enter-tained. Essentially it is a lounge, an assembly room, that serves as a platform for exciting conver tions and discussions about current socially relevant issues. It is along this vein that the exhibition examines the medium of drawing in its contemporary discourse. Abstraction and figuration, polit statements, gender and body image issues, recollections written in the form of diary entries and the fantastic all bear equal importance. They clearly show the content-specific and formal opport nities offered by contemporary drawing. For all of the participating artists, drawing is not just abo sketches and jotting down ideas, or drafting painted compositions or sculptural ideas; rather it is applied as a highly independent medium which, for some pieces, evolves from the two-dimensio ality of the page to the three-dimensionality of the room. Examples of how drawing amalgamate with video are also on display. Imaginary spaces and dimensions as well as spatial relationships explored and examined using completely varying artistic approaches. In addition to related piece the exhibition includes work from artists such as Paul Thuile, Nikolaus Gansterer and Christian Schwarzwald who work with the actual space at the foundation in Kraichtal.
In recent years, drawing as a medium has received increased attention, and has revealed its vita The exhibition will be taking place soon. Moreover, the exhibition is the first cooperation between the Ursula Blickle Foundation and the Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck.

Participating artists include:
Agostino Arrivabene (Italy), Lucie Beppler (Germany), Andrea Fogli (Italy), Nikolaus Gansterer (Austria), Waqas Khan (Pakistan), Avish Khebrehzadeh (Iran/USA), Franz Mölk (Austria),
Danica Phelps (USA), Christian Schwarzwald (Austria), Paul Thuile (Italy), Sandra Vasquez de la Horra (Chile), Maya Zack (Israel), Michael Ziegler (Austria), Ralf Ziervogel (Germany)

Tags: Nikolaus Gansterer, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, Waqas Khan, Avish Khebrehzadeh, Danica Phelps, Christian Schwarzwald, Paul Thuile, Maya Zack, Ralf Ziervogel