Ursula Blickle Stiftung


16 Oct - 11 Dec 2016

Ernesto Neto
The sky is the anatomy of my body" 2000
Polyamid Stoff, Gewürzen und Faden. 300 x 650 x 500 cm , Ursula Blickle Sammlung
The fourth exhibition to mark the 25th anniversary of the Ursula Blickle Foundation
16 October - 11 December 2016

Claudia Slanar, Maximilian Geymüller, Michael Hübl, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Peter Weibel and Alfred
Weidinger, i.e. individuals who, along with others, have worked together with Ursula Blickle to shape and uphold the foundation’s outstanding international reputation, will be showcasing artwork in the foundation’s space in Kraichtal so that it can be discussed with regard to the concept outlined by Wolfgang Ullrich.

Wolfgang Ullrich, 2016, Art historian:
For most people, it’s obvious that art is viewed at exhibitions. And as much as we expect this experience to take place inside a so-called ‘white cube’, we also assume that artists will adapt their pieces to suit this backdrop. However, exceedingly few works of art ultimately end up in a museum-esque setting; the majority are, in fact, purchased by collectors and art lovers. These pieces stand or hang in living rooms, over beds, between furniture, lamps and rugs, in everyday living spaces that are, to a greater or lesser extent, ‘designed’. And these works have to serve their purpose if they are to be more than just decoration. They need to be connected to or be able to engender certain emotions, they need to appear fresh and unique time and time again, or discretely blend into the overall ‘feel’ of the setting. In other words, these works sometimes need to feature completely different qualities than they would in an exhibition. Ideally, an artwork should be able to do both: be effective not just in a living space but also within the ‘white cube’. This is the central theme of the upcoming exhibition, which comprises works found in Ursula Blickle’s own home that have been moved to an exhibition space and are now being shown in ‘white cube’ conditions under a curator’s supervision.

Tags: Nicolaus Schafhausen, Peter Weibel