Neue Alte Brücke & Real Fine Arts @ Valentin

18 Oct - 24 Nov 2012


Exhibition from the 18th October to the 24th November 2012.

« Neue Alte Brücke & Real Fine Arts @ Valentin », une exposition de groupe avec
Yuji Agematsu, Will Benedict, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Keith Farquhar, Mannuela Gernedel, Bill Hayden, Lena Henke, Yngve Holen, Morag Keil, Chris Kraus, Mathieu Malouf, Sam Pulitzer, Lucie Stahl
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Tags: Will Benedict, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Keith Farquhar, Lena Henke, Yngve Holen, Chris Kraus, Mathieu Malouf, Sam Pulitzer, Lucie Stahl