The artist & the practice!

11 May - 06 Jul 2013

11 May - 6 July 2013

Andreas Angelidakis, Vassilis Balatsos, Eleni Kotsoni, Antonis Pittas, Angelo Plessas, Artemis Potamianou, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Yiannis Savvidis, Dimitra Vamiali.

Vamiali's gallery presents the exhibition THE ARTIST & THE PRACTICE! on Saturday, May 11. The three levels of the gallery will become working and experimentation spaces, where the participated artists have been invited to present the process and production phases of a project, the connections between method and preparation, work and documentation.

The exhibition THE ARTIST & THE PRACTICE! includes those elements (notes, photographs, drawings, sketches etc.) that are usually hidden in a desk in the studio or on a computer file. All the participating artists are coming from different artistic genres and backrounds and for the first time they will present archival and supportive material or part of their files, which will include the concept or the very first idea, the final outcome and realisation, the step by step thinking of the production and the embodiment. How each artist chooses to form the question in order to execute his/her work?

In the gallery space, the collected material acquires its own substance and might become a potential new work / project. In some cases, the working process is the project itself. The exhibition adapts a minimum theatricality, like a smaller scale simulation of the atelier or the studio where a new visual approach reflects a parallel reality.

This exhibition aims to give the viewer the chance to decode the methodology of each artist, to feel the idiosyncratic practice, to become familiar with their vocabulary, to unfold the way for a more meaningful "reading" of the work itself, but also of the world that surrounds it.

The work before and after!
The research field.
A starting point.
The outline of a concept.
The mapping and flexibility of the original idea.
Thoughts and traces that preceded it.
Unseen steps and paths.
The placement of the ideas in the space.
Studies, working methods, sources, connotations, references.
A strategy.
Different practices.
Intention and possibilities.
Ηidden treasures in the studio or atelier.
Little tricks and gimmicks.
The choice of the iconography.
The choice of medium.
The limits of the project.

These are some of the conditions that the exhibition THE ARTIST & THE PRACTICE! will attempt to highlight.

Tags: Andreas Angelidakis, Angelo Plessas