Van Gelder

ANSUYA BLOM - Through Shutters

19 Apr - 21 May 2014

Virtually every day we describe each other and portray people in general; this one is such, that one is so. Possibly this urge stems from the need for installing a structure, even if it slightly shifts all the time, just like we move our furniture at home. Eventually we gladly put a chair, table and bed back in "its place". The question is what is really allocated and what isn't. In Ansuya Blom's exhibition 'Through Shutters' interior and individual are brought together. It is characteristic of the way in which she combines her appropriated themes such as drawing an interior and portraying some one like "S." (Seymour) who is outlined on a black painted cardboard with a searching hand, but who is "S."? And whose enlarged hand is it that tries to get a grip on an interior starting from skin pleats and palm lines?

In the exhibition there is a small work called "Just" (2014). It is a drawing - made with eyes closed - depicting a not fully completed interior. Small specks as a starting point are applied with white gouache ink apparently with the aim of drawing a chair or lamp, but halfway that idea was abandoned. It is as if one has looked through the blinds and only parts of the interior could be seen. Perhaps this is precisely how we look at the world around us; we see the parts and fill in what is missing.

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