Van Gelder

Nicolas Chardon

25 Jan - 05 Mar 2014

© Nicolas Chardon
carré noir (grille rose), 2013
25 January - 5 March 2014

The work of Nicolas Chardon moves continuously back and forth between what exists - i.e. printed fabric as objet trouvé - and what he paints on top of this. He does that by bringing together grid and play. Seriousness and humour go hand in hand. Already for years he uses grid fabric that is the base of his geometric paintings. A white painted foundation reveals the underlying printed fabric in a shaded transparent way. Afterwards he paints geometric shapes over this light foundation, while he vigilantly follows the undulating lines of the underlying lines of the grid. In this way Nicolas Chardon surprises again and again by his inventive twists.

In the exhibition "Frames" in Galerie van Gelder Nicolas Chardon once again brings an ode to Kazimir Malevich. In his playful manner he paints the suprematic work "Black square" and frames this with a white border after which he frames this again with the unpainted grid of the bare fabric. It is about framing of work that has been done already, but it is also framing his work within the iconography of the visual arts. What he adds is an extra sensitivity by adapting to a context created by himself; the undulating movements of the stretched grid fabric. It is a remarkable affection for material, geometric shapes and surrounding.

Tags: Nicolas Chardon, Kazimir Malevich