Van Gelder

Wild Patterns

25 Jan - 05 Mar 2014

© Clément Rodzielski
Untitled, 2012
25 January - 5 March 2014

NICOLAS CHARDON's invited artists:
Bernard Aubertin
Karina Bisch
Emil Michael Klein
Camila Oliveira Fairclough
Julien Monnerie
Clément Rodzielski

Whether wiped off paint from a spatula, a collage of repetitive images on a triangle, a colourful running pattern painting, six cuff links on a row or patch painted objects, it is most probably the repetitive image that brings them together. Or keeps them together. It is a wild bunch of classified chaos of friends invited by Nicolas Chardon and brought together by him in AP to become indirectly part of his solo exhibition "Frames".

Tags: Bernard Aubertin, Karina Bisch, Nicolas Chardon, Emil Michael Klein, Clément Rodzielski