Van Horn

Alexander Esters

12 Sep - 30 Oct 2008

© Alexander Esters
Mona Mur, 2008
Oil, acrylic, printing ink, colored pencil and and linocut on nettle
150 x 120 cm
Courtesy: Van Horn
Photo: @Van Horn/Daniela Steingeld 2008
"In Der Grauen Zelle"

September 12 - October 30, 2008

In his second solo-exhibition at VAN HORN Alexander Esters shows new works on canvas and objects, which he created especially for this occasion.

IN DER GRAUEN ZELLE (Inside the grey matter) is the exhibition's title as well as the content of Esters' work, which naturally emanates from the fantastic activities of his own grey matter. For the first time his objects will be presented, which themselves are three-dimensional equivalents of the figures in his paintings. A dream come true (almost): one imagines something, and it becomes reality.

"O'Dohertys Inside the White Cube - the white cell - defines a presentational space, Esters' the grey cell opens an imaginative space, and between those two poles drifting-apart the images, reliefs and sculptures are oscillating. In the presentational space they connect to series and repeating motifs, to sequels and variations, to confrontations and dialogues, to correspondances and fractures. In the imaginative space on the other hand they build worlds, magical places inhibited by enchanted personalities, which remind us a little bit on the home of childhood.

And still it's not the naive and child-like, but the magical in the known, which draws itself like Ariadne's thread through the labyrinth of the artists thought-and visual world. Multitudinous and full of pleasure are his allusions to the collective art-and intellectal history and therefore to the history of perception and cognition."
(from a text by Stefanie Kreuzer)

On the occasion of the exhibition a publication will be released, with a text by Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer.

Alexander Esters *1977 lives and works in Frankfurt on the Main and Dusseldorf.
Parallel is his exhibition "Imaginationland" at Kunstverein Schwerte on view (until Oct. 12)

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