Out of Site

16 Jan - 08 Mar 2014

© Savinder Bual
Wing, 2013
A Co-commission with Animate Projects
Savinder Bual
Kota Ezawa
Karolina Glusiec
Margaret Salmon
16 January - 8 March 2014

PEER is currently presenting Out of Site – four new films that explore different kinds of animation techniques from stop-frame and drawing to computer graphics and photography. They have been specifically commissioned in collaboration with Animate Projects for the two former shop units that are now PEER’s exhibition spaces and for online. With its 10-metre glass façade onto the street, the gallery is distinctively outward facing and acts like a large display case or showroom. For many of the exhibitions, all of the work inside has been visible from the street and a number of artists have intentionally worked with this feature providing an opportunity for local residents to experience the work through the windows from outside, as well as enticing these visitors to enter the gallery.

Out of Site takes this one step further because on this occasion the films are projected from the inside out onto the four glass shop windows. Taking advantage of the long winter nights, this is the first time that PEER has presented work to be seen exclusively from the street with projections during the late afternoons and into the evening. In this way, Out of Site provides visitors and passers-by with the opportunity for a more unplanned or unpremeditated encounter with art – something to be viewed as part of the common experience of daily life.

Tags: Kota Ezawa, Margaret Salmon