Victoria Miro

Idris Khan

02 - 30 Sep 2006


In this new body of work, Idris Khan re-photographs and digitally layers a sequence or series of pictures in an enigmatic play of appropriation and re-creation. His photographs possess characteristics more akin to drawing or painting and are presented as a kind of photographic palimpsest, animated by the accumulative intervention of the artist's hand.
Fascinated by the images, practitioners and theoretical writings that have influenced the history of photography, the artist has recently moved beyond the subject of photography to literature and music. Khan's sources range from Beethoven's piano sonatas, to images of plants taken by pioneering photographer Karl Blossfeldt and pages of text from Freud's seminal work, The Uncanny.
This exhibition runs in conjunction with the presentation of Khan's first film installation, A Memory...after Bach's Cello Suites, a project jointly commissioned by Victoria Miro Gallery and inIVA, where it will be screened from 13 September until 22 October 2006.

© Idris Khan
Rising Series....After Eadweard Muybridge 'Human and Animal Locomotion', 2005
Edition of 6
5 x Platinum prints
Each print 20 x 16 inches

Tags: Karl Blossfeldt, Idris Khan, Eadweard Muybridge