Wattis Institute

101 Collection: Route 1

26 Jan - 24 Apr 2010

© James Welling
#17, 2005 (Pink), 2005
Chromogenic print
42 x 35 in.

Upper Gallery

Jan. 26–Apr. 24, 2010

Located in San Francisco, the 101 Collection is a collection of contemporary artworks focusing solely on artists who live and work along the West Coast's iconic Highway 101, which runs from Mexico to Canada, through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. Occasional border crossings to the two neighboring countries in the South and the North allow for the inclusion of artists from adjacent states. Featuring works from a wide range of media, such as photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, film and installation, the 101 Collection includes a large selection of artworks by some of the most important and emerging artists working on the West Coast. Assembled under the direction of Wattis director, Jens Hoffmann, for the Art Now Foundation, the 101 Collection is on loan to the Wattis for the foreseeable future.

In a unique initiative between the two organizations, and with the collaboration of CCA's Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice, in 2009 a new Curatorial Fellowship Program has been launched that aims to broaden the interpretation and dissemination of this important new collection. Earlier this year, graduating students from CCA's curating course were invited to apply for the Fellowship by submitting proposals for an exhibition curated entirely from the 101 Collection, which is to be presented within the Institute galleries over the next year. This Curatorial Fellowship enables a student to spend a third year within CCA, to realize their first curated project in a public arts institution, and to conduct research around the artists and artworks featured in the 101 Collection.

The 101 Collection includes work by artists such as John Baldesari, Larry Bell, Jennifer Bornstein, Juan Capistran, Bruce Conner, Rodney Graham, John Gutmann, Colter Jacobson, William E. Jones, Tim Lee, Daniel Martinez, Paul McCarthy, Jason Meadows, Kristin Morgin, Cathy Opie, Raymond Pettibon, John Priola, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha, Alex Smith, Mark Soo, Mario Garcia Torres, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, James Welling, Mario Ybarra Jr., Brenna Youngblood, and others.

The inaugural 101 Curatorial Fellow is Xiaoyu Weng.

Tags: Larry Bell, Jennifer Bornstein, Bruce Conner, Rodney Graham, Jens Hoffmann, Jens Hoffmann, William E. Jones, Mario Ybarra Jr., Mario Ybarra Jr., Tim Lee, Paul McCarthy, Jason Meadows, Raymond Pettibon, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha, Mark Soo, Mario Garcia Torres, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, James Welling, Brenna Youngblood