William Hunt

14 Feb - 14 Mar 2009

William Hunt
I Forgot Myself, Looking At You
Feb 14 - Mar 14, 2009

We take pleasure in inviting you to the opening of our next exhibition on 13 February with the English artist William Hunt. This exhibition will be the artist’s first solo presentation in Germany.

He will perform an extended version of his I Forgot Myself While Looking At You, first shown in 2008 at the Witte de With Museum in Rotterdam.
In addition, the gallery will be showing an installation based on William Hunt’s work I Know I Wanted, which makes a sunbed usable for lithographic photo-reproduction.

In his performances, William Hunt combines music and his actions, which take him to the limits of what is physically possible. His work, which belongs to the traditions of sculpture as well as performance art, draws inspiration from theatre as well as popular culture. His performances combine comic and tragic elements, demanding of him the greatest possible degree of physical exertion.
For example, he can be found hanging upside down from the ceiling, or singing love songs in a car pumped full of water.

William Hunt graduated in 2005 from Goldsmith College, London, and has participated in numerous international exhibitions. Soon, his work will be shown at London’s Camden Arts Centre.

Please contact the gallery for any further information you might require.

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