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Edgardo Antonio Vigo

02 Sep 2011 - 29 Jan 2012

Edgardo Antonio Vigo: “Multiple Nr. 7777”, 1976
02.09.2011 - 29.01.2012

Conceptualism, Visual Poetry and Mail Art characterize the comprehensive oeuvre of the Argentinean artist Edgardo-Antonio Vigo (1928-1997). In the context of the military dictatorship in Argentina, his art constituted a political gesture. Through his rubber stamps, artists’ postage stamps, text works and his statements, which participated in a network of international artistic exchanges, he called attention to the situation in his native land as well as to the fate of his son – who “disappeared” in 1976 – and of the thousands of other victims of the military dictatorship.

In accordance with his call for “No more CONTEMPLATION, but rather ACTION", Vigo produced numerous publications, organized exhibitions, published newspapers and challenged the boundaries of art.
All issues of the magazine "Hexágono", published by Vigo in La Plata between 1971-1975, are in the Latin America Fund in the Research Centre. Also in the Archive for Small Press & Communication, Vigo's international communication becomes visible. The presentation is completed by loans from the archive of Peter-Jörg Splettstößer, who was in contact with Vigo over many years. In his International Rubber Stamp Workshop 1981, he produced Vigo's rubber stamp "Set free Palomo".