Westfälischer Kunstverein

Creatures of the Mud

21 May - 03 Jul 2016

© Madison Bycroft
Rag of Cloth: Ode to the Vampire Squid, (video still), 2014
Courtesy the artist
Gabó Bartha, Madison Bycroft, Liza Dieckwisch, Tue Greenfort and Mehreen Murtaza
21 May - 3 July 2016

Curated by Lena Johanna Reisner, guest curator Schloss Ringenberg.

The group show “Creatures of the Mud” examines man’s relationship to (other) animals and plants on our Planet Earth. It is now widely acknowledged that we are far more similar to other terrestrial species than previously assumed. Yet it behoves us to develop an awareness, which might enable a systematic questioning of our notions of human superiority in favour of an alternative coexistence.

The exhibited works concern themselves with the way we generate, systematise and apply knowledge about our environment. They are critical of a purely objectivising view of other species in order to draw attention to the speculative subjectivities and lived consciousness of individuals from other species.

Tags: Tue Greenfort, Mehreen Murtaza