Westfälischer Kunstverein

Marwa Arsanios, Dilek Winchester

06 - 09 Dec 2012

Selling Snails In The Muslim Neighborhood
6 - 9 Decemebr 2012

In the format of a three-day performance the artists Marwa Arsanios (Beirut) and Dilek Winchester (Istanbul) will examine the model of the Kunstverein as a German entity: It researches the origins, the financial and administrative structure, the social role and impact of this specific art institution through the example of the Westfaelischer Kunstverein. The project questions more generally the impact as well as the role of the art institution in a time of speedy institutionalization and shifting art funding and art market realities. The title Selling Snails in the Muslim Neighborhood is a saying in Turkish, and refers to the interaction between the presenter and its audience; thereby, formulating a call for a proposal on the ways in which the art institution could interact with its local and otherwise audiences. The project and the performance put the German concept of the ‘kulturelle Bildung’ at the center of its argument for constructing a specific narrative around the role of the art institution known as the Kunstverein and as constructed in this local context. The exhibition takes the concept of the Stammtisch as a proxy for the idea of the ‘Bildung’, and as such replicates the format of the “Stammtisch” with varying participants in the restaurant of the local brewery Pinkus Müller.

Curated by Zeynep Oz

Tags: Marwa Arsanios