White Cube

Jack Greer

04 Jun - 06 Jul 2014

Photo: Ben Westoby
4 June – 6 July 2014

Jack Greer’s patchwork paintings are the result of culling his studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, which he shares with fellow Still House Group members, for loose scraps and off-cuts of materials. By incorporating what is otherwise ‘somebody else’s trash’ in his paintings, Greer sees his practice as both collaborative and solitary. The result of endless hours of sewing and bringing together swatches of collected material to create imaginary skies and landscapes, each painting is an abstracted collection of different narratives. Drawing on the connections between his studio practice and his personal life, also included in the exhibition are cacti ‘scarred’ with tags such as ‘Iggy’, 'Palms' or ‘Zane’, autobiographical references which recall moments in the Greer family history. Also included in the exhibition is a coloured pencil drawing of a garden, seemingly out of focus, in its meticulous drawing we also see traces left by humans in the form of benches and graffiti.