Wilfried Lentz

Wendelien van Oldenborgh

04 Oct - 15 Nov 2014

Footnotes to Beauty and the Right to the Ugly
4 October - 15 November 2014

Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam is very proud to host Wendelien van Oldenborgh (NL, 1962), laureate of the Dr. A.H. Heinekenprize of the Arts, for our next exhibition:

The opening will be Saturday, October 4, from 5pm till 7pm.
During the opening there will be a Q&A with the artist, by Steven ten Thije, curator at the Van Abbe Museum.

The show runs till Sunday November 16, parallel with Homing, a group show taking place in the context of the gallery program 4th Floor.

Our opening also coincides with the opening at the project space A Tale of a Tub in the same building with works by Maurice Blaussyld and Kelly Schacht.

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