Yerba Buena Center

Koki Tanaka

25 Sep - 28 Nov 2010

© Koki Tanaka
Take an orange and throw it
"Nothing related, but something could be associated"

Sat, Sep 25 – Sun, Nov 28, 2010
Gallery 3

Koki Tanaka is a mixed-media artist who uses video and found objects to create iconic reflections of everyday life. Combining humor with social criticism, he manipulates everyday objects in their surroundings, releasing them from any utilitarian function they may have to create an entirely new meaning. Using banal objects in a playful way, Tanaka disrupts conventional relations between objects and challenges our preconceived notions about them to create a new and different aesthetic experience for the viewer.

For YBCA, Tanaka will produce a new series of "temporary sculptures." He will also develop a new series of videos documenting spontaneous actions made at specific sites in San Francisco, including the artist getting a haircut by seven different hair stylists from various diverse neighborhoods around the city. The public will be invited to travel with the artist to various sites in San Francisco to further develop works with found objects that will then be used to produce photographs and videos for the exhibition.

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