Yokohama Triennale

Yokohama Triennale 2005

28 Sep - 18 Dec 2005

Art Circus (Jumping from the Ordinary)
28 September - 18 December

Artistic Director:
Tadashi Kawamata

Taro Amano
Takashi Serizawa
Shingo Yamano

“Art Circus (Jumping from the Ordinary)”

At this, Yokohama’s second International Triennale of Contemporary Art, some 80 artists, musicians, performers, and architects from around the world are presenting their works in the main exhibition venue, located in and around these two warehouses on Yamashita Pier. Artworks and art projects of wide-ranging character will be found displayed here, each in a manner giving sensitive thought to the character of this location. Other artworks are displayed in several locations around Yokohama, also in a manner giving play to the special character of their site.

Our theme—“Art Circus: Jumping from the Ordinary.”

One might ordinarily think of an art exhibition as a place to quietly stand and contemplate artworks. For Yokohama 2005, however, given the distinctly unusual character of its location — a pair of warehouses, and these located in a “bonded district” for imported goods liable to duty — we have taken a freewheeling approach in constructing an exhibition that offers numerous different art experiences.
In theme place of a character somewhat removed from ordinary daily life, reached by passing through a circus arena set up near the entrance, viewers will enjoy encounters with artworks that seem to leap out in succession like events in a circus program. Within these encounters, we would like them to experience at close range the “jump from the ordinary” that artists make in their attainment of art expression.
Conceived as an exhibition that, like a “work-in-progress,” continually changes and grows, Yokohama 2005 will feature workshops and events of all kinds throughout its duration. Viewers may find the artworks and displays to appear different with each visit, for the accent will be on progressive change throughout the 82 days the exhibition is open.
What will change and how?
“Seeing is believing.” We hope you will visit Yokohama 2005 more than once to explore with your own senses the world of new expressive potential that contemporary artists have opened.


Taisuke Abe

Alma Quinto

Atelier Van Lieshout

Llorenç Barber

BOAT PEOPLE Association

Daniel Buren

Miguel Calderón

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Chen Xiaoyun

Chen Zhen


Didier Courbot

©uratorman Inc.

Luc Deleu




Jakob Gautel & Jason Karaïndros

Shaun Gladwell

Ingo Günther

Ann Hamilton

Karin Hanssen

Hedi Hariyanto

Sadaharu Horio + On-Site Art Squad “KUKI”

Keiichi Ikemizu

Shigeaki Iwai

Mella Jaarsma

Jiang Jie


Kim Sora

Takehito Koganezawa

KOSUGE 1-16 + Atelier Bow-Wow + YOKOCOM

Akihiro Kuroda

Tonico Lemos Auad

Long March

Chie Matsui

Eriko Momotani

Tomoko Mukaiyama

Ingrid Mwangi

Yoshitomo Nara + graf

Moataz Nasr

Tazro Niscino

Makoto Nomura + Yukihiro Nomura

Jun Oenoki +Warehouse Keepers + MIKAN

Ong Keng Sen (The Flying Circus Project)

Open Circle



Robin Rhode

Maria Roosen

Michael Sailstorfer

Hiraki Sawa

Tino Sehgal

Shintai Hyougen circle


SOI Project

Beat Streuli

Jiro Takamatsu

Tadasu Takamine

Tanishi K

Yuken Teruya

Kaori Tazoe

Craig Walsh

Wang Te-Yu

Nari Ward

Richard Wilson

Wolfgang Winter & Berthold Hörbelt

Maaria Wirkkala

Toshihiro Yashiro

Yao Jui-Chung

Tomoko Yoneda + Ashiya City Museum of Art & History + Volunteer group Tomato


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