Moscow Biennale for Young Art

International Biennale for Young Art 2010

01 - 31 Jul 2010

2nd International Biennale for Young Art
«Qui Vive?» «Borders»
1 July – 31 July, 2010

Daria Pyrkina, Daria Kamyshnikova

Main programme of the Biennale was formulated based on the results of the open submission process. Submissions were recieved for realization of both individual and collective works, as well as hosting of the curated projects. Overall, 2534 submissions were registered in the database. Of those, the artworks of more than 600 artists and art groups have been selected, which will be exhibited at the museums, galleries, centers of contemporary art and various other exhibition spaces as part of the 40 curated projects in July of 2010.

Curators of the Biennale would like to sincerely thank all of the authors who submitted their work for participation. This year, the number of art projects deserving of notice exceeded the organization committee’s ability to provide exhibiting space. We hope that many of the artworks not included in the long list for “Qui Vive” in 2010 would be realized during the ”interbiennale” within the continuing exhibition cycles for young artists hosted by the Biennale organizers and their partners.

The key criteria for participant selection are not only age, but also in many cases, Phase. What we are talking about is the spirit, the pathos of the young art, the creative passion and bold experiments in search of new vision and method. We say «Stop! » to the young artists, asking them to stop their intrepid motion for a minute and to reflect upon where they are, as a matter of fact, going.

The concept of the II Biennale was decided to be devoted to one of the central themes that characterize the contemporary situation of the young art. The phenomenon of Borders and its possible interpretations were selected as the main theme of the 2010 Biennale. It feels logical to talk about boundaries following the slogan “Qui vive?”- the invariable motto of the Biennale.

“Qui vive?” Biennale for Young Art is one of the largest and most ambitious projects realized on the Moscow art scene in the field of contemporary art today. The Biennale brings together artistic initiatives from all over Russia as well as the countries of near and far abroad.