Yvon Lambert

Jason Dodge

02 Jun - 22 Jul 2007

Installation view

Yvon Lambert is please to announce an exhibition with Jason Dodge opening June 2nd 2007, the artists first exhibition in the Paris gallery.

A weaver in Algeria makes a tapestry using yarn equaling the height of the weather — a Chimney sweep attaches a bell to his brush ringing it through the chimneys he cleans — the hands from a public clock are arranged to point north — a gold capsule filled with seeds of poison hemlock connect two rooms — an owl is prepared by a taxidermist with gems inside. The artist is involved with unusual collaborations the makers of the work are asked to see their unique speciality, location, or access through a different lens in order to create the works, and the work is made in private, based on instructions, or conversations, leaving the artist, similar to the viewer must rely on the faith that what has been asked, has in fact taken place.

In the work INTO BLACK six different people, one from each continent, were asked to expose a piece of photographic paper to the sunrise of the vernal equinox. This paper, never developed, increasingly turns grey with each minute it is exposed to light, and with this continuous transformation into black describes a journey from each continent to Paris. EDITH H. ILMANEN consists of a piece of writing — 10 homing pigeons originating from Paris delivered the text from Berlin over Germany and France to Paris, each pigeon has carried only one line of the text.

In Berlin two violists performed THE COMPLETE VIOLA DUOS OF BELA BARTOK in private on a new sets of strings, after the performance the strings were removed, presuming that they contain only the history of that piece of music.
Dodges work tries to imagine the hidden history of things. By choreographing different activities of theft, performance and making. His work appears on one hand as objects, a bell, the strings of a Viola, the mark left on a wall by a door, but the history of these things are what has defined them. Dodges work is about imagining geography, and distances, time and people. The work always declares what it is literally, and while this is true, the intimacy the work implies seems to clearly be where meaning lies.

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