Yvon Lambert

John Stezaker

21 Apr - 26 May 2007


Yvon Lambert is pleased to announce John Stezaker’s first solo show at the Project Room of the gallery from April 21 to May 26, 2007.
Stezaker has been centrally influential in a number of developments in art over the last three decades; from Conceptual Art, New Image Art through to the contemporary interest in collage. Showing first as a part of the British Conceptual Art group in 'The New Art', 1972 (the first Hayward Annual), Stezaker's interest in the concept soon gave way to a long-term fascination with the image, finding new aesthetic allegiances with the image through working with found photographs and printed matter. This fascination is translated into alterations, deletions, visual concordances and juxtapositions of disparate sources, intuitively creating new images, relationships, characters and meanings.

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