Yvon Lambert

Sislej Xhafa

03 Feb - 03 Mar 2007

"Vallée verticale"

From February 3 to March 3, 2007

Following his first solo exhibition at Yvon Lambert New York in 2006, Yvon Lambert is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of Sislej Xhafa in Paris, from February 3 to March 3, 2007.
Sislej Xhafa is known for his artistic investigation into the social, economical, and political realities associated with the complexities of modern society, such as global tourism and forced illegality. Xhafa’s works are minimal, as well as subversive. He operates in various media, from sculpture and drawing to performance and photography. His works challenge viewers to recognize the shifts and cracks in contemporary global society.
In Vallée vertical, Sislej Xhafa presents two new sculptures and an installation, which explore our perception of nature. Xhafa is primerily concerned in the destructive character of social behaviour through different rituals. Reality structures our lives, influences society and creates new social distinction. The exhibition, opening on Saturday 3rd February, 2007, puts into question these elements of Xhafa’s reflection.
In When Mac Goes Black, his first solo exhibition at Yvon Lambert New York, Sislej Xhafa adressed the unity, diversity and complexity of the world economy and the human condition. He also explored how our universe can result in both irony and hard reality and presented a sculpture that created a mental friction for the viewer, raising important questions while creating harmony between the human presence in the gallery and its identity as a space of art. The exhibition underlined the powerful psychological states of melancholy and lightness, twin aspects that characterize Xhafa’s work and also celebrate the everyday heroism in basic every day life. Filled with irony, Xhafa’s work possesses a knowing but secret rhythm. Glancing toward a psychological interior, the artist imitates the deep balance between the inner and outer dimensions of our society.
Born in 1970 in Peja, Kosovo, Sislej Xhafa is now based in New York.
Solo shows in 2006 (selection) : When Mac Goes Black, Yvon Lambert New York ; Four Movements, Quarter, Florence ; Stuztespia, Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza ; Livelihood Rainbow on Broel, Liebaert Projects, Kortrijk, Belgique.
Group shows in 2006 (selection) : Choosing my Religion, Kunstmuseum Thun, Suisse ; Allegories of Displacement, Westport Museum, , Conecticut ; Art Film, Stadtkino Basel, Suisse ; New Video, New Europe, The Kitchen, New York (exposition itinérante).
Coming group exhibition in 2007 : All About Laughter : Humor in Contemporary Art, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo.

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