Zabludowicz Collection

Heather Phillipson

26 Sep - 03 Nov 2013

Installation image of through the flesh tone scenario, the imported combi-boudoir, 2013
26 September - 3 November 2013

Heather Phillipson (born 1978, London, UK). Phillipson’s work is committed to a playful confrontation with the elasticity of articulation. Her video installations and ‘talking pictures’ (video with live voice) splice tropes from cinema, art, music and literature with audiovisual non-sequiturs and sundry domestic items, to dynamic effect. An accomplished musician and poet, Phillipson deploys sound and language with impertinence: the videos are detours and equivocations that threaten to get out of control. Spurious narratives emerge through the plastering of vivid and degenerated images, pop and profundity, internet discourses and the drollery of internal monologue. The videos jolt between intimacy and detachment, the actual and the virtual. Housed within carefully constructed sculptural elements, attention is drawn to physical relations between audience and screen: the contingency of body and surface.

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