Zabludowicz Collection


01 Jul - 15 Aug 2010


1 July - 15 August 2010

Saturday 31 July, 3pm: Exhibition tour with curator Thom O’Nions

Cory Arcangel
Justin Beal
Sean Dack
Damien Hirst
Haroon Mirza
Katie Paterson
Seth Price
Charles Sandison

An exhibition of works by eight international artists who use natural and artificial systems. Each of the works constitutes a system and exploits the emergent properties, accidents or failures of that system to produce its effects. The works, selected from the Zabludowicz Collection, engage with industrial, found and raw materials, as well as sound, data and computers. The glitches and idiosyncrasies of software, the ecosystems that develop around organic materials, and the vagaries of machinery can be seen as evidence of new forms of organisation and self-organisation that often transcend the artist’s specific intentions. The artists uncover a world of unpredictable and surprising properties, and foreground the accidental features of their chosen materials.

Thursday-Sunday, 12 - 6pm
or by appointment on 020 7428 8940

Official beer sponsor: Kirin

Tags: Cory Arcangel, Sean Dack, Damien Hirst, Haroon Mirza, Katie Paterson, Seth Price, Charles Sandison