ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie

Boris Petrovsky: „You&Me-isms / part I“

01 Mar - 31 Dec 2010

Interactive installation
ZKM_Cube, SubRoom

Drawing from analogue technologies, such as optical telegraphs, telex machines, and advertising media, You&Me-isms is an idiosyncratic cyber punk communication machine. Visitors are asked to interact as users, with a message via SMS or Twitter. Their messages then appear as an illuminated path of signs in the blip matrix, where they cross over with web news feeds. The chaotic, complex network of 450 neon signs is literally attributed sense (or nonsense) and lent an apparent structure. A confrontation with and inquiry into the construction of reality characterize the installation and art and architecture projects of media artist Boris Petrovsky (born 1967 in Constance).

Curator: Peter Weibel

Tags: Peter Weibel