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GJ Lischka. Present Mind

11 Apr - 03 Aug 2014

Lischka Present Mind
An exhibition at the ZKM_Media Lounge and ZKM_Museum Balcony
Opening: Fri, April 11, 2014, 7 p.m.

We are indebted to the Greeks for the knowledge that being invariably means present being. In the Parmenidean search for knowledge of Being, Being may also mean being true.
The work of Bern-based philosopher of culture, Gerhard Johann Lischka is founded on the premises of contemporaneity and truth – thus the title of an exhibition on his influence Present Mind. Lischka identifies and creates interfaces or switch points from which a complex network of thoughts, images, writings and persons unfolds – the Lischka constellation, spanning from Jean Baudrillard through Niklas Luhmann and Vilém Flusser to Paul Virilio, from James Lee Byars through Marina Abramović and Jürgen Klauke to Andy Warhol and many others. As author and editor, as lecturer and organizer of symposia, as artist and curator of exhibitions, as creator of television films and moderator, as editor of video DVDs etc., Lischka is at once producer and witness, broadcaster and receiver, detective and archivist, administrator of the past and shaper of the present – unfailingly in the mode of thought.
In the exhibition project, organized on the occasion of the donation of his archive and library, Lischka reminds us that culture not only means storage, but paraphrase, not only tradition, but transgression.


Tags: Marina Abramović, James Lee Byars, Jürgen Klauke, Andy Warhol