Anita Beckers

Gino Rubert

17 Nov 2006 - 07 Jan 2007


In collaboration with Galeria Senda from Barcelona in our project space SATELLIT we present collages and drawings by the catalan artist GINO RUBERT.
In the course of the years Gino Rubert has developed his own picture language combining drawing, painting and photographical elements into collages. In a surrealistic style symbolic, disturbing narratives arise, dealing with gender roles and the daily battle of demarcation in private spaces. Ruberts works challenge the spectator to share looks and to participate in their intimate role plays, while being caught in the role of a voyeur and the one to be eyed at the same time.
Formal aspects like the citing of a mirror in the oval picture form and the theatrical staging of his image spaces emphasise this aspect of a voyeuristic vision.
Gino Rubert (born 1969 in Mexico) lives and works in Barcelona, where he is also teaching at the art academies MASSANA and EINA. His works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions like at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid; Centro de Cultura Contemporanea, Barcelona; Akioshiday Art Village, Japan as well as in diverse international galleries and fairs.

© Gino Rubert
mixed media on canvas
50 x 30 cm