Berlinische Galerie

Max Baumann

12 Nov 2005 - 29 Jan 2006

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Max Baumann: Freiraum Berlin

Berlin is back in fashion. Many photographs are taken, but only a few look behind the façades. Max Baumann is not interested in the representative side of the capital with its architectural attractions. He attempts to make the process of transformation and present manifestation of the city visible while photographing close to characteristic buildings and places, such as chancellor’s office, department store, cemetery and car-park, stadium and city beach.

But Baumann is never concerned with neutral shots of such places in his photography. First and foremost he searches for interesting pictures. He counters the general perspective with his own apparently convoluted, fragmentary pictorial sections. These are constructions which originate from a spiritualized perception of the world. Baumann demonstrates that everything created by man – like man himself – is subject to decay. Then nature reclaims, until its own decay begins. It is an organic process, and – if we see through the eyes of Max Baumann – it is one that is quite natural and full of beauty.

In order to demonstrate the brilliance of his photographs, Max Baumann has first decided to display his pictures on a large-sized screen and in light boxes. Three projectors fade in the images on the screen, so that new, virtual images are created.

© Max Baumann, Weitblick 2005