Eleni Koroneou

History of the Gallery

Eleni Koroneou Gallery was founded in 1988 in Athens by owner Eleni Koroneou and is located near Akropolis.

Eleni Koroneou has been a pioneer of the current Art Scene promoting and showing international artists in Greece as supporting emerging Greek artists in the international arena. The diverse practices of the artists include painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.

In the last few years the Gallery exhibited photographic works by Axel Hütte, Michael Schmidt, Larry Clark, Gregory Crewdson and by Greek artists such as Christina Dimitriadis and Alexandros Georgiou. The Gallery has shown particular attention to painting with shows by well-known and respected contemporary art figures such as Helmut Middendorf, Martin Kippenberger, and Christopher Wool, Charline von Heyl as well as by younger emerging artists, as Michel Majerus, Torben Giehler, Matthew Antezzo and Lila Polenaki.

Eleni Koroneou organized during the years historical solo shows such as Michael Schmidt’s (1990) with “Waffenruhe”, Martin Kippenberger’s (1993) with “M.O.M.A.S”, and Michel Majerus’ (1998) with “Never Trip Alone...” and important curatorial projects such as the “Supershadows of Understatement” curated by Marin Kippenberger with Christopher Wool, Uli Strothjohann and Katherina Würtle. The gallery artists have exhibited widely in museum and public spaces and have been included in important international exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, Documenta and Istanbul Biennale.

Eleni Koroneou has followed a consistent and demanding program in Greece, with commitment and a sense of responsibility, as until recently there were no public contemporary art spaces in Athens. Along with the other few serious contemporary galleries we took on the role of education and promotion of contemporary art in Greece. After many years of hard work we feel proud to acknowledge our contribution not only to an ever increasing interest from the general public, but also to an increasing number of collectors, who we initially introduced to contemporary art, and have been collaborating with for many years.