Extra City

Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt

03 Mar - 01 Apr 2012

Photo: Marcel Hiller
The artists' collective Magicgruppe Kulturobjekt collects materials from a variety of contexts, taken from both formal and functional relationships, and restages them as a spatial narrative. With the group as a collective actor, the work emerges on site in a process that is described as 'negotiation and concentration'. The material is handled purely visually and situationally. The new adjacencies between the materials brought together generate blind spots, where the usual artistic categories are no longer valid and an alternative mode of seeing and experience is cultivated: even the communication within the group takes place partly through a visual discourse.

Magicgruppe Kulturobject consists of a changing group of artists. At Extra City and Ludwig Forum, the participating artists are: Michiel Alberts, Lara Dhondt, Michael Dobrindt, Markus Hahn, Stef Heidhues, Marcel Hiller, Suchan Kinoshita, Tamara Lorenz, Thomas Musehold, Martin Schepers, Sebastian Walther, Hans Wuyts, Markus Zimmermann and Anna Zwingl. Curator and coordinator: Anna Sophia Schultz (Ludwig Forum Aachen).

A project at Extra City and Ludwig Forum
The exhibition is divided into two sections which take place in parallel at Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen and Ludwig Forum Aachen. As the practice of the Magicgruppe Kulturobject demands, the two very specific exhibition spaces are approached as found material, and thus form the starting point of the work. The space itself is not understood as a delimiting factor, but rather as an essential element of the scenography.

Vernissage-finissages: 2 and 3 March
The collective act is of equal importance as the installation as an object. The publicly accessible installation process, starting 13 February, is concluded by a 'vernissage-finissage' on 3 March. This event will simultaneously mark the conclusion of the collective act and the inauguration of the installation, with a 'final act' by Michiel Alberts, a word performance by Maud Vanhauwaert, and an artist panel with curator Anna Sophia Schultz and architecture scholar and art critic Stefaan Vervoort. The exhibition will remain on view until 1 April.

At Ludwig Forum Aachen, the installation process is accessible from 13 February as well, while the vernissage-finissage there will take place on 2 March. The exhibition will remain on view in Aachen until 29 April.

2 March: Shuttle bus to vernissage-finissage in Aachen
On March 2nd, we run a shuttle bus between Antwerp and Aachen.
We will depart at 17:00 from Extra City and arrive around 19:00 at Ludwig Forum. Returning, departure at 23:00 from Ludwig Forum, arrival at 00:30 at Extra City. We encourage you all to come! Please transfer €20 per person to 7330 1548 2038 (IBAN: BE 24 7330 1548 2038. BIC/SWIFT: KREDBEBB) and forward the proof of payment to teatske.burgerjon(at)extracity.org.

Train connections Antwerp - Aachen
By ICE and Thalys 2 hours travelling time (4x daily)
By other trains 2:30 - 4 hours travelling time (every hour, between 10 and 16:30)

Train connections Aachen - Antwerp
By ICE and Thalys 2 hours (3x daily)
By other trains approx 2:45 travelling time (every 2 hours, between 8:30 and 18:00)

A co-production of Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen and Ludwig Forum Aachen. Within the framework of Kunststiftung NRW's and Goethe-Institut's collaborative project 'Europäische Partnerschaften'.

Tags: Stef Heidhues, Suchan Kinoshita, Markus Zimmermann