Helga de Alvear

Callum Innes

25 Mar - 22 May 2010

© Callum Innes
Untitled No.7, 2010
Oil on canvas,
160 x 156 cm

25 of March - 22 of May, 2010

Callum Innes was born in Edinburgh(United Kingdom) in 1962, and studied at the Edinburgh College of Art, where he graduated in 1985. Although his interest was aimed towards figurative painting, a decisive encounter with the work of Lucio Fontana drives him to become passionate about the possibilities of abstraction, a realm in which he has worked ever since.His work operates at the limits of the monochrome, upon which he develops processes of addition or subtraction from the painting to the canvas. Thus, on the already painted-on surface, he adds turpentine, which eliminates different quantities of layers of paint; from a sometimes subtle extraction to leaving hardly a trace of paint in other cases. In this manner, he incorporates the concept of time to the work: the erosion, and the process, become a fundamental element.

Tags: Lucio Fontana, Callum Innes