Helga de Alvear

Renania libre

08 Nov - 22 Dec 2012

Installation view
8 November - 22 December 2012

In 1999 was inaugurted at the Galería Helga de Alvear in Madrid, the exhibition Renania Libre / Freies Rheinland, at a time when, after the fall of the Berlín Walland the vigorous cultural revival and the old —and new— German capital, theRhineland of the Federal Republic march to Berlin to see some of their artists.Now, thirteen years later, the second edition reintroduces a group of artists, mostlyyoung, of the two great Rhenish metropolis of Düsseldorf and Cologne Rhine. Renania Libre 2012 undoubtedly strikes a blow for freedom—however, against whom, what and why cannot be revealed here. Cuartor: Uta ReindlArtists: Jan Albers, Jan Kämmerling, Anja Ciupka, Katharina Jahnke, Ulrike Heyndenreich, Pauline M'barek and Juergen Staack are part of this exhibition.

Tags: Jan Albers, Anja Ciupka, Pauline M'barek, Juergen Staack