João Ferreira

Justin Anschutz

04 - 28 Jul 2007

© Justin Anschutz
Raft (detail), 2006.
Oil on plexiglass.
93.5 x 132cm.
"clock works"

4- 28 July 2007

"I have developed a language that has graphic andpainting elements and I reconsider painting. Included in the show are digital illustrations from paintings.
Working in the city on the edge of poverty and a first world, advancing technology, modern architecture and commodifications confront me in industry, imbalance and development. My painting style attempts to blend and observe the eclectic. It is satisfying to use the poetry of paint alongside the eclecticism's, commodifications and technological advancements of the growing city.
The painting process involves building the image and patterns in reverse on glass. The paintings are framed in squares, lines, semiotic markings, emblematic abstractions and occasional representational elements.
Industry is an attractive subject, and takes many forms. These I find are easily painted through abstraction. The fluidity and expressiveness of paint is also rejuvenating and continually reinterprets a mélange of ideas on many levels."

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