Kestner Gesellschaft

Annette Kelm

11 Mar - 07 May 2017

Annette Kelm, Desert Plants (2016)
11 March – 07 May 2017

With Annette Kelm (*1975 in Stuttgart), the Kestner Gesellschaft is featuring an important representative of young German photography. With her precise view of the world, the artist creates unique pictorial realms in which she captures the supposedly familiar in a moment of energetic concentration that seems ready to be unleashed at any moment. In individual photographs as well as series, Kelm explores a vocabulary of subjects ranging from everyday objects to architectural and landscape photographs to portraits. Her photographs follow in the tradition of Western artistic production, but also question and critically reveal our perception and reception of this visual culture. With the simplest of means, Kelm introduces the construction of these images and leaves their deciphering and deconstruction to the viewer. Cool but seemingly clear photographs whose subjects are often taken from the simple things of modern everyday culture are typical of her oeuvre. Reflections on the phenomenon of the picture and the medium of photography are at the center of Kelm’s conceptual work. The exhibition on the upper floor of the Kestner Gesellschaft focuses on the diversity of Annette Kelm’s artistic practice and features a series of new photographs in addition to older works.

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